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Balance Your Body, Mind and Emotions with Zen Ki Yoga and Enjoy a Stronger Core, Perky Butt and Overall Sense of Wellbeing

As much as I love to exercise, I often get a little bored doing the same thing every day or week. Even jogs on the beach lose their appeal after a few months. There is however, one exercise that I swear by, and that I have kept up with every week for the past  five years – Zen Ki Yoga.

However, to call it yoga is not quite painting the “right” picture. It’s more than ‘just yoga’ and so very different to anything that I have ever done before.  Continue reading

Improve your Posture, Strength and Flexibility by Incorporating Yoga into your Weekly Routine

YogaOver the years yoga has been one discipline that I have really wanted to become disciplined with and practice a few times a week. Whether it was the subtle “you would love yoga, it’s so good for the body” reminders from my mum, or the countless articles I have read about the incredible health benefits, or the beautiful inspiration of yoga devotee Christy Turlington, or maybe my natural instinct to desire to do something great for my body, it’s just one of those things that I have always been drawn to, but have had difficulties staying committed to practice. Continue reading