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Practice the Art of Equanimity and Be Present and Grateful for What Exists Right Now

About 10 years ago I sat my first Vipassana meditation – 10 days of silence – no reading, no writing, no talking, no eye contact with anyone. Simply wake up and meditate for 10 to 12 hours a day with breaks for breakfast and lunch and a cup of tea for dinner. It was most certainly a life changing experience of which I am forever grateful so much so that I went back again and again. Continue reading

Meditation – The Key to Help Develop a Healthy Mind

meditationIt’s interesting to marvel at how something that appears to be so simple can be so beneficial. To just sit and ‘be’. To meditate.
That’s just it. It’s simple, and it isn’t, at the very same time.
The act is simple. Sit still, focus on your breathing and continue to do so for about an hour.
Having the mental discipline to go beyond the reflexive, “thinking” mind and into a deep state of relaxation, however, is a challenge to say the least. Continue reading