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Thank you ‘The Silent White’

It’s always such a joy to read reviews and see the beautiful images that bloggers post of our Be genki range. The following are from thesilentwhite.com.

My favourite bits:


“This tea is perfect for you if you like flowery-herbaceous teas and love potions.” Ea, The Silent White

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What’s Right About This That I’m Not Getting?


I’m one of those people you read about that does things that you think “who on earth could be that stupid?”  Yep, that’s me.

Here’s a recent example that I’ve been living with the past few days … Continue reading

March Ritual: Ease Back Pain, Insomnia, Stress and PMT Symptoms with the All-Natural Self-Healing Acupressure Pranamat

I have a not-so-new love that I am forever singing its praises at is has been energizing and relaxing me for the past two years: the self-healing acupressure pranamat. On days when I wake up without a spring in my step, I lay on it for twenty minutes and my energy levels are restored. When I’m in a frustrated or stressed mood I lay on it for thirty to forty minutes with my eyes closed, and am surprisingly a lot calmer and level-headed once I get up. And on nights when I have a million and one thoughts racing around my head, instead of going to bed to stare at the ceiling, I lay on the pranamat for forty minutes. Afterwards it feels like I have had a tranquilizer and am ready for sleep. This magic little friend of mine is also the ONLY thing that I have found to help relieve PMS – particularly the dull aching lower back pain. Continue reading

Make Time for Yourself to Switch Off and Relax this Silly Season

“Modern man is a prisoner of time – so involved in his doings that he has lost touch with his being. As individuals and as a society, we have lost our balance. … Roughly speaking, the feminine values are concerned with being; the masculine with doing. Without the balance of feminine values … we become slaves to time and technology. The more enslaved and stuck in time we feel, the more desperately we try to control Continue reading

Give Yourself the Gift of Self-Worth, Self-Love and Self-Gratification this Holiday Season

As December rolls around there’s one word that consumes my mind … gifts. I love the whole gift-giving ritual of finding a little special something that will bring smiles of joy to a loved one with the underlying thought of “I love you” and “thank you for being such a wonderful part of my life”. But December is also the month that I like to gift myself lovely little treats, to indulge in my self-worth, self-love and self-gratification.

No matter who I talk to: female or male; old, middle-aged or young; living here or abroad; religious or agnostic; it seems we all have one thing in common … life can be full of ups and downs. Continue reading

Keeping Relaxed over Christmas Time

Warmer weather, blue skies and summer approaching inevitably means one thing … its that time of year again… Christmas. Whilst the holiday season is something that most of us look forward to with elation, it can also be quite stressful.

Do you find yourself with a massive ever-growing to-do list as the end of year comes closer? Somehow convincing yourself that all those “things” must be done before December 25. Do you say ‘yes’ to every invitation for a night out? Do you get carried away with all the champagne and celebratory nights out at this time of year? Do you notice your stress levels rising at the thought of Christmas approaching? Why is it that we load so much extra pressure on ourselves at this time of year? The season when we really should be relaxing and enjoying quality time with our loved ones. Continue reading

Everyday Tips to Help Yourself De-stress

Anxiety, sleeping problems, mood swings, stress, the “blues”… do these words sound all too familiar to you? It seems that as the years go by, these stress-related states are becoming more prevalent, with mental health problems fast becoming the number one health issue. If you are currently suffering or would like to prevent these debilitating feelings from consuming your life, there is, in fact, much that you can do to help yourself be the happy and healthy person that you deserve to be.

In my opinion it all starts with the basics: eating healthily, exercising regularly, breathing pure natural scents and setting aside a few moments in the day to nurture yourself. Continue reading

What is a Self-Healing Acupressure Pranamat?

I have a new love that has been energising and relaxing me for the past six weeks: the new self-healing acupressure pranamat. On days when I wake up without a spring in my step, I lay on it for 20 minutes and my energy levels are restored. When I’m in a frustrated or stressed mood I lay on it for 30 to 40 minutes with my eyes closed, and am surprisingly a lot calmer and level-headed once I get up. Continue reading

Relax and Revitalise Your Body and Mind with the New Self-Healing Pranamat

A couple of months ago I was introduced to the pranamat, a self-healing tool that helps to relax and revitalise the body and mind. Initially I was attracted to the stylish colours and 100% natural and eco-friendly materials, but on hearing the health benefits all I wanted to do was road test one. The reason being, is that I spend a large portion of my day working on my laptop, and as a result tension is sometimes held within my shoulders and back. Continue reading

What Consequence Are Your Choices Having?

Every now and then I read something that strikes a chord, leaving me pondering over the idea for days and days on end. Last week it was the following extract from The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell.

“People say that what we’re seeking is a meaning of life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances within our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.” Continue reading

Implement 4 Golden Rules in to Your Day-to-Day Life to Help Maintain a Calm State-of-Mind When Faced With Stressful Situations

Stress… it seems that we all are susceptible to this overwhelming feeling. What may be stressful to one person may be a “walk in the park” for another. So whether it’s a monstrous to-do list at work; upcoming exams at school or college; an imminent wedding or event; trying to meet tight deadlines;

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Suffering from Stress and Anxiety? Try Breathing and Relaxation Techniques.

breathingI am a big believer in prevention rather than cure. I’d much prefer to look after myself on a daily basis and utilise self-care practices than go down the road of being prescribed pharmaceuticals to mask symptoms. Continue reading