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Wearing Nothing New

love love love Jessi Arrington’s contagious enthusiasm, and more importantly the life lessons within her TED talk.

A few of my favourite bits:

Colour is powerful. It is almost physiologically impossible to be in a bad mood when you’re wearing bright red pants. If you are happy you are going to attract other happy people to you.

Fitting in is way overrated. I’ve spent a whole lot of my life trying to be myself and at the same time fit in. Just be who you are. If you are surrounding yourself with the right people, they will not only get it, they will appreciate it.

Embrace your inner child.

It’s ok to let go. I don’t need to get emotionally attached to these things, because around the corner there is always going to be another crazy colourful shiny outfit just waiting for me if I put a little love in my heart and look.