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Turn ‘One Day’ in to Today

How are your New Year’s resolutions coming along?

Are you still struggling with turning that “one day” in to “today”? One day I will stop smoking. One day I will get up early and start my exercise regime. One day I will start that detox. One day I will “spring clean” my home. One day I will start being more organized with my day-to-day tasks. Continue reading

Kick Off the New Year Being The Thriving, Generative, Amazing You That You Deserve to Be

Yikes! Seems I am a few days late in sending out the January ritual. Please forgive me, it seems I must have been enjoying the holiday season a little too much and work totally slipped my mind. How does it get any better than that?

This “new year” I’d love to put the question out there … what would it take for you to be you? Continue reading

Live as the Question

The turn of the year is such a lovely opportunity to start fresh and invite new possibilities into your life. Here is a tool that I found to be particularly rewarding throughout last year, so much so, that I encourage you to give it a go: simply live as the question. Continue reading