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Integrate Something New in to Your Daily Life to Help Bring About a More Naturally Beautiful You

benaturallyou2 Whether you’re
new to receiving
Be Genki rituals, or have been reading and following them for years I’d love to express my deepest gratitude for your support and for simply taking a moment in time to stop whatever it is that you’re doing to read the latest post.

After a lovely holiday over the Christmas break, I’ve decided to hang up my Be Genki blog boots for 12 months to focus on Be Naturallyou – my latest project and that which is particularly close to my heart. Terribly sorry if you’ve grown to love the Be Genki blog but there’s only so much a girl can do / fit in to one day; and I am sure that you will love Be Naturallyou. Continue reading

Nutrient-Dense, High Protein Breakfast Recipe

I often get asked for the recipe of the 8-grain porridge that I love to make for breakfast. It’s nutrient-dense, high protein, and the perfect start to the day to help stabilize blood sugar levels, whilst also being a great source of energy to take on the day’s challenges. Plus it only takes 2 minutes to prepare each morning, and therefore great for those of us who have busy starts to the day. Continue reading