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March Ritual: Ease Back Pain, Insomnia, Stress and PMT Symptoms with the All-Natural Self-Healing Acupressure Pranamat

I have a not-so-new love that I am forever singing its praises at is has been energizing and relaxing me for the past two years: the self-healing acupressure pranamat. On days when I wake up without a spring in my step, I lay on it for twenty minutes and my energy levels are restored. When I’m in a frustrated or stressed mood I lay on it for thirty to forty minutes with my eyes closed, and am surprisingly a lot calmer and level-headed once I get up. And on nights when I have a million and one thoughts racing around my head, instead of going to bed to stare at the ceiling, I lay on the pranamat for forty minutes. Afterwards it feels like I have had a tranquilizer and am ready for sleep. This magic little friend of mine is also the ONLY thing that I have found to help relieve PMS – particularly the dull aching lower back pain. Continue reading