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Inspired by Flowers

Have you ever stopped for a moment to get completely swept away by the beauty and vibrance of colour that flowers gift to the world? Quite something really!

It’s a little thing that I’ve been particularly captivated by lately, to just stop, pause and gaze for a few moments. Perhaps it’s because I just happen to be in the oh so lovely English countryside at present, with all the flowers blooming, or maybe it’s the little family of bees that greet me each morning and afternoon when I get home as they buzz around the flower bed at the front door, or perhaps it’s just nature’s way of gifting something truly beautiful to the day, or maybe it’s my deep dive in to Aura-Soma which has helped to open my eyes to the world of colour? All of the above I’d say, and more. Continue reading

Lamb Love

lamb cuddles

Some things are just too cute not to share …
the new baby lambs at Shire Farm.

One thing is always for certain, if you’re having a particularly challenging moment in life, the best remedy is nature in all its innocence completely free from silly insignificant thoughts that pollute the minds of humans. Sweet little fluffy animals are undoubtedly therapy for the soul.

xox much love xox Continue reading

The Beauty of Nature : Wild Deer and a Duck Dancing on Water

Sometimes its just lovely to simply sit and be, especially when surrounded by nature, as you never know what might show up.

I couldn’t resist sharing these beautiful moments in time from my last weekend in the countryside, whilst pausing for a moment on a tree stump.

Such a joy to be gifted a herd of wild deer playing about and doing their thing, and then a duck doing a little dance on water. I kid you not! Look closely at the picture below. Continue reading

What’s Your Tree Story?

Click on image to play video

Love love love this innovative short film to inspire people to reconnect with nature.

Some of my favourite bits…

“trees by their very nature of existence embody certain qualities which I think are essential for us as human beings. Some of those qualities are peace, stability, endurance, wisdom, experience.” Continue reading