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Thank you Sarah and Lululemon


I simply LOVE the brands we stock on www.benaturallyou.com and so does the gorgeous Sarah from Sporteluxe. Continue reading

Top-to-Toe winter home-spa sessions


Sitting here on my balcony, soaking up the sunshine I’m feeling a wee bit nervous about jumping on a plane for Australia tomorrow. Just kidding. I’m literally jumping out of my skin at the excitement of heading back home to our little slice of paradise where the countryside meets the sea.

What I am not so keen about, however, is the freakish chill factor that I hear everyone talking about.

I have had thoughts of battening down the hatches to hibernate indoors with a stack of DVDs and warm blanket for the month of August. Continue reading

Thank you Sporteluxe


Today’s email from Sporteluxe featured an article on how to give your home sanctuary a makeover. What a joy it was to see that the beautiful girls at Sporteluxe love and recommend our Be Genki Vital Candle to make your room smell like a spa. Continue reading

Inika Lip Whips Save The Day

Lipsticks and lip colours are renowned for being highly toxic. A few years ago we all became privy to the alarming fact that a considerable number of cosmetic manufacturers add trace amounts of lead to lipstick. A frightening fact considering lead builds up in the body, so a small amount applied to the lips several times each day, 7 days a week, could add up to a significant amount a few years down the track. Continue reading

Natural Everyday Beauty Essentials

GRP_BODY_OIL_smallWhen was the last time you read the ingredients list of your personal care products?

If you looked up each ingredient you’d be mortified. I was. So I begun the search for natural and organic alternatives to all the personal care products that I come in contact with on a day-to-day basis to reduce my exposure to toxic chemicals. Here are a few of my favourite products of natural everyday essentials: Continue reading

Sukicolor, Natural Organic Skin Make-Up

sukiOver the past few years, I have been making the change in choosing natural and organic brands to replace all my skin care and cosmetics that fill the bathroom shelves. The swap to skin care was fun and easy as there are so many fabulous choices that deliver amazing results too. The search for make-up, however, has been a little more challenging. Although I am all for choosing natural or organic over non-natural brands, I will not sacrifice on quality. Hey, I am a woman. At the end of the day, I still want my make-up to have a flawless fresh finish and to give the appearance that I am not wearing any at all. Continue reading