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Be genki is back!

As we approach our 8th birthday, I am literally bursting out of my skin at the excitement of the relaunch of Be genki this coming June 2014. It’s been 2+ years in the making, with countless hours contemplating colour schemes, sourcing premium organic ingredients and improving what has become one of Australia’s much-loved natural self-care ranges. Continue reading

One of the World’s Best-Kept Beauty Secrets

A recent trip through Asia has inspired me to share one of the best-kept secrets in the world to pamper your body and hair: camellia seed oil.

A few drops a day of this antioxidant-rich oil will help revitalise and rejuvenate your complexion, while protecting your skin from UV rays and helping prevent freckles, age spots and wrinkles. A few drops to your hair will help create silky tresses without leaving a greasy feel. Continue reading

Inika Saves the Day, Again

I am particularly particular when it comes to what I put on my skin. So much so that I make my own body and face care products, and only try other brands once I have scrutinized the ingredients list.

One thing I have always avoided is fake tan. Not only because of the frightening mix of harsh ingredients but more so because I can not bear the smell and look of it. I would much prefer to revel in my natural skin tone. There have however been a couple of occasions that called for an application… Continue reading