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Heal Your Body and Mind with Lavender

There’s one essential oil that I believe should be in every household: lavandula angustifolia more commonly known as lavender. This beautiful “mother of all essential oils” has a multitude of practical uses. I have certainly put the so-called beneficial properties to the test time and time again and have never been let down.

My first encounter with lavender oil was when I was studying aromatherapy. I was making pasta for dinner and as I was transferring the pot of freshly boiled water to the sink my oven mitt got caught on a protruding part of the stove, causing the pot to tip and splash boiling water all over my forearm. Continue reading

Nurture Your Body with Plenty of Healing Sleep

sleepingSleep… it seems that we’d all love a little more. Why is it that so many of us regard sleep as a luxury, when it really is a necessity? Sleep is essential to help keep you physically and mentally healthy and beautiful. Continue reading