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Ideas to Brighten up the Day During Winter

Whilst I love embracing all four seasons with the romantic notion of what each three months represent, hibernating throughout winter is not the best idea for promoting a sense of health, happiness and wellbeing, unless you’re a bear.

Although snuggling up under the doona, sipping warm cocoa and spending lazy days on the couch with a good book all sound enticing, please remember to keep your scales balanced by getting out and about in the world to experience life, maintain your exercise routine and nurture your self and loved ones. Continue reading

Kindness Revolution

I just love the whole concept behind Jonathon Fisher’s Wake Up Sydney, especially the Kindness Cards that read

“Do something kind and leave this card behind to keep the ripple going.”

All in the name of helping to ignite a more kind, conscious and sustainable world. What he is creating is a wonderful inspiration.