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Japanese Beauty Secrets


Blue skies and cherry blossom in Tokyo … sometimes all you can do is “look up”.

Maybe I’m delusional, maybe I was given a few extra shots of wishful thinking, or maybe I just hope that my ‘rabbit hole thoughts’ can’t possibly be true … but as long as I’m here I’ll continue to look up and seek for, ask and implement different possibilities so that the beautiful planet that we live upon can one day be restored to exactly that, and free from the insanities that pollute the earth, oceans and air we breathe.

Travelling as much as I do it never fails to shock me when observing the state of the world. Tokyo is no exception. Whilst it is seductive to write about the devastation of the reality that is right in front of me, as I sit here feeling the tension of the Earth in the joints of my knees, I would like to suggest something different … to make conscious choices in our daily actions and look for the beauty in all moments. Continue reading

Generate Love for Mother Earth

As I sit in my hotel room in Tokyo I feel compelled to write something about the current situation in Japan. No… I’m not going to get all “political” on you. I would, however, like to share a very important message that is inspired by a dear friend who I am truly honored to be able to share time with and learn from, Mike Booth, the Chairman of Aura-Soma. Continue reading