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Postcards from Aloka

Aloka is a unique wellbeing centre in the heart of Brighton’s historic lanes and a stone’s throw from the sea. Aloka means ‘the light’, particularly the light associated with your inner wisdom. Aloka offers a complete wellbeing experience dedicated to giving you physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nourishment, underpinned by the Aura-Soma colour system. If you’re interested in reading more click here for my previous Aloka experience. Continue reading

Postcards from Shire Farm

This first video clip is not actually at Shire Farm. Just a lovely little field that we stumbled across whilst going for morning walks.

At Shire Farm in Lincolnshire, where many of the plants and herbs are grown using bio-dynamic methods for the Aura-Soma colour-care product range and AEOS skin care range, standing stones have been placed at the energy centres within the landscape. These chakra areas with standing stones and other natural and sculpted formations mirror the human chakra energy system, enhancing the natural flow and wellbeing of the energy of the farm, and enriching the fertility of the soil.┬áIf you’re interested in reading more about Shire Farm click here for a previous blog entry written after my first visit. Continue reading