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Making the Vegan Choice

my guest blog for
Diary of a Vegan

Making the decision to go vegan is a different path for everyone. The reasons behind the choice may range from healthy living to animal rights. Whatever they are, making the decision to be vegan is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself, animals and the planet.

I was chatting with Be Genki‘s Sam Sample recently. She mentioned she had recently made the transition to veganism, after years of flirting with it. I asked if she would be happy to share her journey in the hope of inspiring others who are thinking about becoming cruelty-free. Here is her story… Continue reading

VEGAN. For the People. For the Planet. For the Animals.

This is the best VEGAN video I’ve seen. Well researched, relevant unignorable facts, light hearted, yet straight to the heart. (Ok, so unignorable is not a word, but you get what I mean … any better suggestions? x)