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Enhance the Health and Beauty of Your Body With Hemp

I have recently become captivated by the ever so health-enhancing hemp plant and have been experimenting with all things hemp: hemp milk on my porridge; hemp seeds and hemp protein powder in my smoothies and in my cacao brownies; hemp oil in my salad dressings; and hemp oil in my face and body care products.

Why? Simply because the beneficial properties are astounding! Continue reading

Indulge Your Body With Coconuts

One of the things I love about what I do for a living is that it gives me a great opportunity to learn and experience the therapeutic benefits of all sorts of plants. Over the years I have become especially fond of certain plant extracts purely because I am astonished at the healing properties and positive change they can have on the physical and emotional state of people. Continue reading

Dry Body Brush Your Skin to Improve Your Health, Wellbeing and Relationship With Your Body

dryskinbrushI love starting the day with a positive – performing a ritual that provides numerous physical health benefits, helps to exfoliate and promote beautiful soft skin, and that also provide an opportunity for me to consciously acknowledge and thank my body for being the beautiful, strong body it is. A body that enables me to walk, run, swim, dance, jump, kick, climb, ski and horse ride whenever I desire. Continue reading