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Embrace Earth Month by Making a Conscious Effort to Reduce Your Footprint on the Earth and Support Eco-Aware Companies

What if you spent the month of April making a conscious effort to reduce your footprint on the planet?

We all have to make decisions each and every day about how we choose to live our life and the products we choose to purchase. There are many alternatives that we can start to integrate in to our lives to help make the planet a cleaner, healthier and more enjoyable place to live. Continue reading

Indulge in a Loving, Nurturing, Self-Caring Ritual Overflowing with Scents of Rose, Jasmine, and Ylang Ylang.

Ahhh Valentine’s Day. Whether or not you revel in the love letters, bouquets of flowers and boxes of chocolate or ‘bah humbug’ your way through the “Hallmark Event”, I can’t help but think that it’s a nice little reminder for all of us to nurture the love in our relationships.

We all have relationships. Whether they are with our family, friends or lovers, they are all sacred friendships that require a certain amount of energy so that they remain positive. One relationship that we often forget about is the relationship we have with ourself. This is the most important of them all, and the one from which all other relationships stem from. It you don’t love yourself, how can you truly love someone else? Continue reading

Loving the lovely Bianca Dye’s Love for Be Genki

Take a listen to the lovely Bianca Dye talking about and testing the acupressure pranamat live on air on her radio show i98FM.

Bianca is in to yoga and meditation and just happens to love us. Here’s a snippet of my favourite bit:
“I love all this self help stuff … and there’s this company called Be Genki who I’m absolutely in love with at the moment. They do all sorts of beautiful stuff, teas, and face products … and I saw this online and I thought I have to get one … it’s called the new self-healing pranamat, helps to relax and revitalize your body and mind. It’s meant to help with depression, headaches, muscle tone.”
Thank you Bianca xx you rock!!! xx

Give Yourself the Opportunity to Change Each Day

I love the turn of the year. It inspires conversations of change within people. A chance to turn a new leaf. To choose something different. To finally do whatever it is that you’ve been meaning to do. To stop doing something that is causing you unease. What if you gave yourself that opportunity every day? What if each morning you woke up with a fresh clean slate … creating your life each and every day, being present, right here, right now, instead of regretting the past and assuming what the future will be made of. Continue reading

Begin Each Morning with Dry Skin Brushing and Full Body Moisturising to Promote Beautiful Smooth Skin and Awakening for the Body and Mind

One of the first things I do every morning is dry skin brushing. It’s a wonderful body treatment for exfoliating and promoting beautiful soft skin, and is really worth the extra couple of minutes it takes each morning. If you don’t already practice this daily ritual, give it a go for the next 30 days and judge for yourself just how much softer your skin feels. Continue reading

Nourish, Smooth and Brighten Your Hands, Feet and Nails

Whether you’re freezing your tail off in the Southern Hemisphere or basking in the first days of summer up north, June is the perfect time to revisit your hand, feet and nail-care regime. I’ll be hopping back and forth between Australia and the UK this month, so have put together a lovely little ritual to ensure that my wintery grey days are infused with cheering brightness to elevate my mood; and so that when it comes time to expose my tootsies in sandals they’re looking oh so fabulous and colourful. I’d love to share the ritual with you, and invite you to join me. Continue reading

Make Choices That Bring About a More Happy, Joyful and Sensual You

As soon as February rolls around I can’t help but think of Valentines Day. It’s amazing how conditioned we are isn’t it! This is all lovely and fabulous for those who are in relationships … thinking of wonderful ways to nurture your loved ones but what about those of us who are flying solo?

For the first time in about 10 years I am without a lover, so am dedicating this month’s ritual to ways in which we can get that warm fuzzy loving feeling all by ourselves. Also a good ritual for those of you that are all loved-up with a partner, because the reality is that even when we are in a relationship, it’s not healthy to rely on the other person to “complete” a part of you, or to rely on that other person to bring you happiness. Continue reading

Kick Off the New Year Being The Thriving, Generative, Amazing You That You Deserve to Be

Yikes! Seems I am a few days late in sending out the January ritual. Please forgive me, it seems I must have been enjoying the holiday season a little too much and work totally slipped my mind. How does it get any better than that?

This “new year” I’d love to put the question out there … what would it take for you to be you? Continue reading