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Green School

I first heard about Green School via a TED talk a number of years ago, so when the invitation presented itself to visit whilst in Bali with some dear friends we jumped at the opportunity.

Love the concept! Loved seeing all the little kiddies running around outside, playing in nature, as opposed to cooped up indoors underneath fluorescent lighting playing with plastic toys or in front of a computer screen. Love the vegetable gardens interspersed between the classrooms. Loved the farmyard animals. Love that the entire school is built from bamboo. Continue reading

“There Is No Way to Happiness. Happiness Is The Way.” Gautama Buddha

What is it about Bali that we love so much? Yes the climate is magnificent. Yes the beaches are stunning. Yes the scenery is sublime with a beautiful balance of softness and dramatic harshness. Yes the laid-back lifestyle is alluring. Bali is simply satisfying to the senses.

However, despite all these obvious charms, I believe the real beauty of Bali and that which draws us to the island again and again is the unmistakable spirituality emanating from the land and people. Continue reading