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Nourish Nails and Cuticles Naturally for Happy, Healthy and Beautiful Hands and Feet

Whether you’re freezing your tail off in the Southern Hemisphere or basking in the first days of summer up north, July is the perfect time to revisit your nail-care regime to ensure that your wintery grey days are infused with cheering brightness to elevate your mood; and so that when it comes time to expose your tootsies in sandals they’re looking oh so fabulous and colorful. Continue reading

Postcard from Bali

I promise I haven’t forgotten about you … it’s just that I’ve been immersed in work in Bali with the occasional swim at the beach.

I must share with you my best friend from the trip  – Active Energised Organic Skincare Beauty Body Lotion – the PERFECT travel companion for hot destinations to help keep limbs glowing, suntan prolonged and skin hydrated (without that icky sticky feeling). It’s been my savior! x much love x

Become Consciously Aware of What Goes In and On Your Body

October 1st is the kick off day for Vegetarian Awareness Month. A wonderful initiative to help inspire us to think about what goes in our mouth and how our choices can impact the world in which we share. We can all stick our head in the sand, if we so choose, and ignore the reality of what goes on in the world. Or we can do something about it. Continue reading

Made With Love

harvesting of biodynamic spelt crops for use in the Active Energised Organic Skincare range

In today’s world, it seems that we are bombarded with brands making bold claims to be “this” or “that” and nowhere else is this more apparent than the beauty industry.

When we read the label of a product and it claims to be natural, organic and/or made with love, how do we really know if that’s true or not? Continue reading