Ripples of Change

2014-06-12 07.18.31

As Be genki approaches its 10th birthday, I’m on one hand extremely excited and grateful to still be doing what I love to do – providing you with the inspiration and possibility for more energy, less stress, a better relationship with yourself and loved ones, and the possibility of a good night’s sleep.

On the other hand we’re taking the time to look at the way we do what we do, and to question if there is a better way we can help Be genki touch the hearts and lives of those who are seeking more holistic health, happiness and wellbeing.

Why? because every time I receive a letter from one of our customers about how a Be genki product has changed their life, a little tear of joy wells up inside my eyes.

The most recent one was as follows:

Thank you so much for my last sample. I have been massaging the Be Genki Serene body oil into my 2 year old and for the first time in many many months she is sleeping through the night. It is a relief to find a product and blend of oils that has helped with Georgie’s restlessness at night and my own anxiety surrounding it.  – Melanie

Beautiful, don’t you think?

So, after much discussions, daydreams and brain storming, we are now in the midst of the most exciting project I’ve ever come across with Be genki. And we would be extremely grateful for your help, and will shower you with gifts for it 🙂

Be genki started out of a desire to help my best friend who was suffering from anxiety and depression. Connecting with, reaching out and supporting loved ones is not a little thing. It’s HUGE. It’s life changing. And it creates a MASSIVE ripple in the world. A ripple that inspires others who are going through similar circumstances to make that same positive change. Would you like to be a part of this wave of happiness in the world?

Have you experienced something beautiful after using a Be genki product? Have you had a good night’s sleep after using a Tranquil product? Has the Serene range taken the edge off a challenging day? Has the Vitality given you a much needed pick-me-up? Have you and your loved one indulged in the Sensual products to nurture your intimacy? or have you noticed a change in your loved one after they enjoyed one of our products?

They may seem like ‘little things’ to you. But to others, they may be the very seed of hope that another person requires. Your story can help improve the quality of life of so many.

If you have experienced a change with Be genki, I’d LOVE to hear from you, so that we can share these beautiful stories with more people so that they too know what other choices are out there.

Please email your stories to
As short as a single sentence … or as long as you wish.
And please do remember to include your postal details so that we can send you a full-size Be genki gift, as a gesture of our gratitude for your contribution.

One response to “Ripples of Change

  1. Thankyou for including my letter Sam. We continue to love the oils and will be ordering from you again soon.
    Your passion and love for health and wellbeing is truly reflected in your company.
    I look forward to hearing other stories of how your products are being used.


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