Sometimes we have shit days.

Sometimes we have shit days. The other day was one of those for me. You know the drill … wake up with a thumper of a headache for no apparent reason. And then be inundated with various crap throughout the day. It’s bound to happen, even to the most joyful, positive and sprightly of us.

And it always make me giggle a little, when I see people painting their lives as this “picture perfect” illusion, when in reality, we’re all one and interconnected. We have our ups. We have our downs. Yes, some more than others. But I’m sure you catch my drift. Life happens.

So I’d love to share with you the little things that helped me out of my slump in the hope that it might inspire you to choose what brings you joy in those moments when you’d rather zoom off to a far away galaxy. And yes, I know they are very simple things, but isn’t it the “little things” that bring us so much authentic happiness? The kind that makes every little cell in our bodies tingle with vibrancy.

So, here’s my 5 top tips to help turn that frown upside down.

1: start the day with a walk on the beach and swim in the surf.
It was windy and a wee bit chilly, but with a thumper of a headache I wasn’t going to let anything stand in my way of helping to ease the pain. So I went running in to the surf and hell yeah was it worth it! From my point-of-view nature is the magical cure to EVERYTHING.

2: get your hands in the dirt.
Still feeling a bit shitty, I thought perhaps I require a little more bonding with nature, so in to the garden I went to get my hands dirty with the beautiful plants. Don’t have a garden? Buy a pot, and plant a peace lily, some parsley or whatever else floats your boat.

3: turn up the dial on your favourite tracks.
Not the “my dog’s died” country song or “lover’s left me” Adele classic, but the feel good music that gets your foot tapping so much so that you just can’t resist getting off your butt for a boogie around the living room. I promise it’s worth it.

4: wash away the day in the shower.
By nighttime I was still feeling a bit of a niggling irritation of the crap that had come through my inbox that morning, so a shower with essential oils was in order. Whilst I’m a big advocate for baths when it comes to relaxing and easing stress, it’s extremely important to wash away your worries down the drain before jumping in the bath. Otherwise you’re bathing in your crap. Seriously. The Japanese are very “big” on showering before hopping in the bath, and it makes perfect sense.

5: take a moment of gratitude for all that is wonderful.
Last but certainly not least, is the one gift that always helps me to gather perspective. And that is to take a moment to be grateful for all that is. And the top of the list is my adorable husband who I travel the world with, enjoying all sorts of adventures every month, and whom I laugh with every day. In a world where most relationships are full of illusions, delusions and just plain old unkindness, put-downs, lies, taking one another for granted, and various types of abuse, I am forever grateful for the love and fun that I wake up next to each and every day. [ With the added bonus that he prepares a cold-pressed coffee with freshly made hemp mylk for me each morning, that we can sip in bed together before heading off for a walk and swim at the beach, or lifting weights at the gym together. Yes, I have the the world’s best husband in the universe 😉 ]

And yes, it’s ALWAYS the little things that are what is most important in life, don’t you think?

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