Japanese Beauty Secrets


Blue skies and cherry blossom in Tokyo … sometimes all you can do is “look up”.

Maybe I’m delusional, maybe I was given a few extra shots of wishful thinking, or maybe I just hope that my ‘rabbit hole thoughts’ can’t possibly be true … but as long as I’m here I’ll continue to look up and seek for, ask and implement different possibilities so that the beautiful planet that we live upon can one day be restored to exactly that, and free from the insanities that pollute the earth, oceans and air we breathe.

Travelling as much as I do it never fails to shock me when observing the state of the world. Tokyo is no exception. Whilst it is seductive to write about the devastation of the reality that is right in front of me, as I sit here feeling the tension of the Earth in the joints of my knees, I would like to suggest something different … to make conscious choices in our daily actions and look for the beauty in all moments. To be kind to one another, kind to the animals, and kind to the earth that we live upon. To nurture nature, and to live sustainably. In a world where consumerism has gone crazy I wonder what impact it would create if we all stopped to consider whether our purchases are supporting the use of pesticides, toxic carcinogens and other unethical practices or whether we care to take that extra minute to make a different choice and support companies that care too.

One of the greatest gifts I receive each time I visit Japan is to be reminded of the beautiful joy and youth that my Japanese friends choose to be. It always makes me gasp when I find out their age in years. Not only are they physically beautiful with an appearance decades younger than what they appear, but their mannerisms and way of being has a certain sense of play, wrapped up in a beautiful ribbon of laughter and innocence. Being in the ‘health and beauty industry’ my initial thoughts used to drift to “I wonder what their skin care or dietary secrets are?”  It’s an easy trap to fall in to, thinking that youthful beauty is something that we can ‘buy’. But it’s not so. The real secret is in the way the Japanese women be.

A couple of questions that may or may not be relevant to ask yourself …  At what age did you decide that life had to be serious? When was the last time you had an uncontrollable laugh? When was the last time you played? and when did you decide to take yourself so seriously?

A peek inside my Tokyo handbag
:: AEOS energised organic travel essentials for optimal hydration from the outside in.
:: HAUT ethereal bio-cocoa balm for toxin-free kissable lips & wildflower aloe cream tint … the perfect colour for green eyes.
:: INTENSAE storm vitamin-enriched nail lacquer for strong healthy nails.
:: IODINE to help prevent me from glowing in the dark.

2 responses to “Japanese Beauty Secrets

  1. “when did you decide to take yourself so seriously?”? Never?

  2. Renewing Serum

    Japanese do have a great skin. Its so smooth and flawless. Learning their beauty secrets is a great help to us whose wanting to achieve that skin too. Thanks for sharing.

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