A Birthday Wish


It’s no secret that I love to travel. But whilst I jump for joy at the short visits to exotic destinations that take my breath away, what I love more so is immersing myself in a different culture, questioning, wondering and exploring so that I can see things from other people’s perspectives. So that I can fully appreciate the sounds, the tastes, the smells, the feelings, the culture of that country. Wondering why certain cultural norms exist. Wondering what these people love to cook, eat, do, feel, love and think about. My desire to learn, grow and become more flexible is unquenchable.

And so begins my love affair with Spain.

Never before have I tasted tomatoes like this! And before you even think of questioning it, yes, I’ve eaten my way around Italy for many years. Perhaps one of the best PR campaigns I’ve come across, as they certainly had me fooled for a while.

Never before have I experienced such a high ratio in favour of the perfect avocado. Not a bruise or stringy vein in sight. Quite unbelievable really. 😉

Being an Aussie, spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful beaches with crystal clear water, white sands and not a hint of pollution in sight, I never imagined another drop of water would excite me as much as my new local teeny tiny beaches in the north of Ibiza. There really are no words, other than it’s paradise.

The people … so much to admire, so much to learn from, and so much to love. A nation who squeeze a little work in between the enjoyment of living. I’m captivated by the humble yet proud, easygoing beauty of the Spanish. Their smiles. Their warm, open hearts, and their forgiving kindness as I stumble my way when attempting to understand and speak their language.

And what’s not to love about siestas?! What once used to frustrate me, for I would be miffed by everything shutting at the very same time when I was keen to head out shopping for fresh foods, now makes perfect sense. Snuggle sessions in the afternoon sun are surely not something to be messed with.

And then there’s the landscape. Wow! Having traveled the country for the past year to various cities and towns, clocking up thousands of miles in the car driving from one end to the other and all sorts of zig zags in between, I am continually left aghast at just how beautiful this beautiful planet Earth is. Pleasantly surprised when I am shown something new and different as each month rolls by. Whether it be a different shade of green, or the richness of the soil, or the infinite changes in the sky, or the way in which the birds fly ever so subtly different, as they go about their daily dance.

As I approach yet another birthday, I am forever grateful by how my simple choice to stay in the question with flexibility, to seek, desire and wonder with curiosity … how this presents my life and living with the most beautiful experiences for my body, mind and being to relish.

And this brings me to a very important truth. Your point-of-view creates your reality. Not the other way around. If we are so rigid in our beliefs, so inflexible with our points-of-view, and so closed to observing through different eyes, what is that going to create in our reality? One thing I know for certain is that whenever I function from the space of rigidity, the potential possibilities of happiness, joy, adventure and surprise in my life and living diminish.

So my birthday wish is this … for us all to choose to improve our flexibility. To open our eyes and mind to new ways of thinking, being and living, so that we let go of all our judgments of what we think should or should not be.

There’s a whole world of discovery out there …  things we thought were not possible are being shown to be possible every day. But in order to experience this magic, we must first be open to it.

** This of course is all just my interesting point-of-view, so please don’t take my word for it. See for yourself. Take that leap. Make those choices you’ve been umming and ahhhhing about. You never know … you just might soar oh so beautifully in to a reality that you never thought possible to exist, but secretly hoped did. And if you fall flat on your face, oh well, choose again. None of us are perfect. It’s our perfectly imperfect bits that I find the most intriguing. **

6 responses to “A Birthday Wish

  1. What a beautiful birthday wish !!! Happy Birthday to you, dear Sam !!! May all your wishes come true !!! And yes, also our flexibility to be improved !!!! Wishing you the very best every day again !!! Enjoy your day, dear !!!!! And all the days to come !!!! Lots of Love & Light from the Low Lands !!! Mimi ***

  2. oh, thank you Mimi xox lots of love and light to you too xox

  3. Hey beautiful lady. I so love reading this. Yes as we drop the rigidity of being our world around us softens…or so it seems…it was never hard in the first place haha….
    thank you for all you be and choose…you inspire me to be more of who I am…and even more of what I can BE … xx happy birthday. Love to the big beautiful being beside you xx

  4. Hey gorgeous Greg x thank you for the birthday love x big hugs straight back to you from us two x looking forward to seeing you soon x


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