Holistic Spritzes to Help Balance Your Physical, Emotional and Energetic Elements

Including a daily spritz of Be genki Face Mist to your daily skin and self-care regime is more than a gentle and refreshing way to hydrate and replenish lost moisture. Did you know that each of the 4 scents also target specific skin conditions and emotional states of being? BG-Vital_Face-Mist

Be genki Vital Face Mist SKIN CARE BENEFITS: IDEAL FOR ACNE-PRONE AND PROBLEM SKIN A refreshing and cooling effect with natural antiseptic properties that help to kill bacteria and stimulate healthy skin renewal. Great for all skin types, especially ‘problem’ skin, oily skin and acne.

LIFESTYLE BENEFITS: THE HELP REVITALISE AND AWAKEN THE SENSES An uplifting blend of organic essential oils that are renowned for promoting circulation of energy, restoring vitality, lifting the spirits, enhancing concentration and overcoming mental fatigue. Positively magnificent to have around!

BG-Serene_Face-MistBe genki Serene Face Mist

SKIN CARE BENEFITS: IDEAL FOR FINE LINES AND TO PROMOTE A YOUTHFUL COMPLEXION Soothes sensitive skin, reducing redness and irritation. Beneficial for all skin types, especially dry sensitive skin with broken capillaries. Rejuvenating properties that help to stimulate the growth of health new cells.

LIFESTYLE BENEFITS: TO HELP BRING ABOUT A SENSE OF CALM, ALLEVIATING STRESS Neroli is regarded as one of the most effective sedative and antidepressant remedies and is reputed to be wonderful in helping with states of anxiety and depression. This is further supported by the relaxing, calming and uplifting properties of the complementary oils that help with depression and nervous tension.

BG-Sensual_Face-MistBe genki Sensual Face Mist

SKIN CARE BENEFITS: IDEAL FOR HELPING TO BALANCE ALL SKIN TYPES A softening and balancing effect that is beneficial for all skin types, especially dry and irritated skin. Helps to balance the moisture and oil production of the skin, and improve the skin’s elasticity.

LIFESTYLE BENEFITS: TO HELP PROMOTE SELF LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE A soothing blend renowned for its sensual properties for over thousands of years. Acts as a gentle aphrodisiac, evoking confidence and releasing inhibitions. Rose otto is renowned as being the supreme oil of the heart chakra, which is the centre of love, whether that be love for one person or universal love.

BG-Tranquil_Face-MistBe genki Tranquil Face Mist

SKIN CARE BENEFITS: IDEAL FOR SENSITIVE SKIN AND HELPING TO REDUCE REDNESS Excellent at calming the skin, alleviating inflammation and irritation, as well as acne, sunburn and wounds. Beneficial for all skin types.

LIFESTYLE BENEFITS: TO HELP PROMOTE A PEACEFUL NIGHT’S SLEEP A calming blend renowned for having a relaxing effect on the nerves and long considered the first choice in the treatment of insomnia. Reputed to act as a sedative in conditions of mental and emotional agitation, soothing restlessness and nervous irritability, whilst also being refreshing.

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All Be genki products are naturally organic, vegan, cruelty-free, ethical, and housed in dark violet glass that protects the beneficial properties of the potent ingredients contained within.

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