Happy New Year


Whilst down at the beach this morning with my adorable husband … the sun kissing my back, swimming in the surf, and breathing in the beauty of Byron Bay beach and surrounding hinterland, I am completely filled with gratitude.

I believe that heaven really is here on earth if we wish to choose to create it. Every day that I make the intention to be present as I walk on the beach observing the clouds, the mountains, the seagulls, the ocean and the way the waves crash upon the sand; or when I look out our living room window at the birds, butterflies, flowers, plants and dragons all doing their thing in the garden, I am simply in awe at just how beautiful this planet is. It washes away all my worries and concerns about the news ‘stories’ that are designed to fuel our fear. And every time I breathe in the beauty of nature, I am gifted with even more unexpected surprises, whether it be a pod of dolphins swimming by, or a coloured flower that I hadn’t seen before, or a cloud formation that all fill me with happiness, joy and beauty.

Creating my life exactly how I like it is something that I absolutely love to play with. And I love to think of simple little ways to bring more joy to my days. It’s what I have built my business around, and is something that I can not encourage enough. It’s so important to do what is best for you. It’s the big secret to creating a happy life that you love, and that which fills your body with joy. And the real gift, is that when you’re happy, you can’t help but infect others with happiness too.

What I have come to know as true, is that the choices we make today create our future tomorrow. Even those tiny little choices that seem so insignificant at the time have a flow on effect to various aspects of our life and living.

I would love to take the opportunity of the new year to extend my love and gratitude to you, for all your kindness and support. Those emails that you write, thanking us for the great service, or the changes that have come about in your life as a result of using one of our products or reading one of my articles may seem little to you. But they are HUGE to me. They brighten my day more than you can possibly imagine.

It is for me, for you, and for the beautiful planet that we all share, that I keep on doing what I do. So thank you! for being you, and for being on this journey of a desire to make happier and healthier changes to our lives and living.

What can you choose for you this year, that would bring more happiness, joy and beauty to your life and living?

If you’d like a little inspiration or helping hand I’d LOVE to share with you what I have learnt over the past 16+ years with the 30 DAYS OF GENKI, kicking off this Saturday 03 January. For more details visit here



Post by Sam Sargent, founder of Be genki



an after thought … one of my favourite quotes from Paulo Coelho, best known for his book The Alchemist. When asked “What would your legacy be?” Paulo replied:

The idea that we all have the power to be whomever we want
– but please, just take the first step, which is courage.

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