October Ritual: 30 Days of Movement


No matter where I am in the world, September / October is my favourite time of year. It is simply beautiful no matter where we are. The sun shining. The skies blue. A breeze in the air. Not too hot. Not too chilly. So, as you can imagine, the Be genki ritual for October is all about getting outdoors to move your body and be with the beautiful surrounds of nature. 

If you’re already an active energiser bunny, then fantastic! Do you still love the training that you do? Or is it becoming mundane? Is it time to do something that is more fun? Or simply introduce a different exercise to your life so as to work different muscle groups?

If you’re not-so-active or find yourself procrastinating about starting exercise or if you do start something and then give up because it’s no fun, then I totally hear you.

After some down-time, with my sore back (yes, I will stop talking about it soon), I was understandably a little less flexible than usual. But then one morning I woke up and demanded that I start exercising again. So I eased my way back in to my morning yoga and strength training sequence. I was shocked at how inflexible and weak I had become after the injury and how much it hurt to do things that I used to love. But, I kept at it as I was determined to get back in to shape, and as the days passed, it still hurt. I won’t try and pretend that it got easier, as it didn’t, at least for a week or two. But then something happened … as if by magic. I was on my yoga mat, and the range in motion of my hips and back and the strength in my legs was back to what it had been months ago. I literally screamed little screams of joy across the room to my husband, saying, “Sweets, look!!! Look what I can do!!!” I was so excited about being able to move my body again, that it had a ripple effect in to every aspect of my life.

So, the point I’m hoping to get across is … please move your body. Daily!  For the next 30-days. And don’t give up. I promise it will make you feel better. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not in a week’s time. But when you least expect it, you’ll get such a happy high with the joy of what your body loves to do, that you’ll be doing little jumps of joy on the inside and out. With the endorphins racing through your body, the increase in circulation and blood to the brain, by simply moving your body, you help to infuse a little extra happiness to your life. And after the 30-days are up, you’ll be so in love with how it feels, that moving your body will become as much a daily habit as brushing your teeth.

The key is to find a type of movement that you LOVE to do. Whether it’s walking the dog in the park, going for a swim, a surf, a bike ride, a run, a jog, or a horse ride. Or yoga class, pilates, dance class, having sex, water skiing, rock climbing or a simple walk to the shops. Please move your body.

This next 30-days, I challenge you to move your body every day. If you can do it outside, fantastic! If not, no worries, there’s always an opportunity on the weekend to find a park or beach.

And remember to share your experience in the comments below to inspire others to a more happy state of being 🙂

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