30-Days of Genki


Would you like to stop judging you?

Have you found yourself in a rut not knowing how to dig yourself out?

Would you like to actually enjoy putting your swimsuit on this summer? and not worry about any perfectly imperfect bits?
Would you like to look and feel your best for the upcoming holidays?
Would you like some tools and tips so that you can breeze through Christmas with ease, and not be the effect of family drama?

Or would you simply like a set of tools that help bring about that beautiful glow in your cheeks? You know the one … where people can’t help but think “I want what she’s having!”

Would you like to be vibrant, with more energy to enjoy your day?
Would you like to be serene, handling day-to-day stress with more ease?
Would you like to be sensual, treating yourself with kindness, as someone you honour and respect?
Would you like to be tranquil, slipping in to bed at the end of the day ready for a peaceful night’s sleep?

If you haven’t yet found that spring in your step with the change of seasons then this is the workshop for you!

You are invited to 30 DAYS OF GENKI, that includes a daily email of bite sized actionable tools and suggestions to challenge and inspire. Complete with live support via a Private Facebook group where you can share, inspire and enjoy the experience together with Be Genki founder, Sam Sargent, if that sounds like fun. Or you may prefer your privacy. It’s your choice.

Please register here to reserve your place.



The reality for most of us in today’s world is that we’re bombarded with information and inspiration overload. So much so, that the abundance of mantras and images/ideals for change drift through our mind quicker than new health and beauty trends come and go. The 30 DAYS OF GENKI is not for those of you who wish to pin up a new mantra on your vision board. It is for those of you who truly wish to create a positive change in your life, by taking that 5 minutes each morning to read the 30 DAYS OF GENKI tool and tip. For those of you who will commit to the 30 DAYS so that you can jump for joy at the incredible transformation that you bring about in YOU, just in time to enjoy the holiday season. If you miss a day, no drama. Just pick it up the next day. But please be assured, that you are the one that has to be the change you wish to see in your life. Not expect that a change will miraculously occur. What you choose today will help create your future tomorrow.

“It is my greatest honour to be able to facilitate this change with you, and I am doing little start jumps of joy at the prospect of connecting with each and every one of you.” Sam Sargent



message from Be genki’s Sam Sargent: I recently hurt my back. Really badly. Which had a snowball effect on to nearly every aspect of my life. With the sciatic pain going up my back and down my leg, I was too scared to exercise, for fear of doing more damage. So I lay on my back. And ate. Then I started to feel guilty about what I was eating and drinking and that I wasn’t doing any exercise, and I was washed over with waves of self-judgment. This led me to be in a rather not-so-chipper mood. As you can imagine I was a bundle of fun to be around.

And then it hit me like a freight train … I HAVE THE TOOLS TO CHANGE THIS. So I used them, and I was back bouncing around like the genki me in no time, ever so grateful for the tools that I have been gifted throughout my life.


So I got to work, and put together the key pearls of juiciness that helped me get my genkiback, so that I always have them close at hand, to remind me of the tools and tips that help me be happy, feeling beautiful inside and out. Because I know all too well how easy it is to forget to practice these things when the day-to-day of life takes over.

The tools and tips are those which I have been gathering throughout the past 16 years. Tools and tips that I use on a daily basis that help bring about a happier, healthier and glowing me.

Tools that help set me free from when I’m in a ‘funk’. Tips that helped my girlfriend go from depression and daily medication to creating a life that she loves, and that which was the inspiration for me creating Be genki 8 years ago. But what I also have come to understand is that Be genki has helped me everyday in my own life. I have had some major ups and downs. However, by constantly asking questions and seeking more, I have traveled the world to learn from the most incredibly inspiring people so that I can improve my own life and maintain that sense of happiness, adventure and excitement of waking up each day to be genuinely excited about what I can contribute to my life and living.

I would love to share what I have been taught with you, as there is a different way, and a different possibility to that which isn’t working for you. I believe that we all deserve to enjoy a happy and healthy life.

The only thing hindering us, is our choice to put it in to practice. When you have the ‘right’ tools (and me by your side helping you along the way) it becomes sooooo much easier.


The next 30 days of genki starts Saturday 8 November 2014. Just in time to get your genki back before the silly season, so that you can enjoy the holidays.

The investment is AUD $120. Think of it as your morning coffee. Only a whole lot more invigorating. Will you choose to invest that $4 a day in you?

Please register here to reserve your place.



Who better to facilitate your way to genki-ness, than Be genki’s founder, Samantha Sargent. Regularly interviewed by the media for her wellbeing advice and how-to tips, she has been described as “the natural beauty buff” by Vogue Australia, “the holistic skincare expert” by Women’s Health & Fitness, and “one of the visionaries who are making a difference to your shopping habits” by InStyle magazine. Samantha is currently the Wellbeing Expert for Foxtel’s LifestyleYOU.

What make’s Sam’s approach unique is the depth of research she undertakes throughout her worldwide travels, coupled with her holistic and common sense approach in helping to improve the health and happiness in her customers, clients and readers day-to-day lives, by addressing all aspects of life, and drawing upon 16+ years of her diverse background in holistic nutrition, skin care and image training, make up artisty, fitness, yoga, aromatherapy, Access Consciousness, Vipassana meditation and Aura-Soma.

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