I should probably get up at some point

I should probably get up at some point

Do you ever have mornings where you can relate to this cute little critter?

As soon as the mornings get cooler, I’ll do everything in my power to sneak in just a few more minutes of snuggly warmth. EVERYTHING! Even convince myself that answering emails on my iPhone in bed constitutes progress. It is not, however, a good habit for me to get in to, and one which I am demanding of myself to stop as of today, so that my morning exercise doesn’t become a ‘thing of the past’.

Mornings are the perfect opportunity to get your butt moving, whether that’s a yoga sequence in the comfort of your own home, a workout at the gym, a run outdoors in the fresh air, a swim in the ocean (if you’re a penguin) or anything else that your body desires.

Although I like to think that I am rather fit, if I didn’t have someone or something encouraging me to keep to a training regime throughout the chilly months, I’d be sucked right back in to the mentality of our furry little friend in the picture.

That someone is my husband – a champion in this department, encouraging me to get up and work up a sweat, and bringing home little treats aka kettle bells.

That something is a Be genki Vital Face Mist that I keep beside my bed, so I can reach over and spritz over my face when the light of the morning awakens me. The organic essential oils of lemon myrtle, peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary are like a shot of caffeine (but without the side effects) … instantly awaking the senses to stimulate that bounce out of bed reaction.

Whilst I can’t loan out my husband to help give you that gentle push and encouragement, I can certainly share a couple of little tips and tricks that give me the ‘pick me up’ that is required to get me motivated and out of bed on those days when I’d rather stay snuggled up under the covers.

> TIP NO. 1 //  a spritz of ‘wake me up’ Be Genki Vital Face Mist

> TIP NO. 2 //  I ask myself these two simple questions: “If I don’t get up and exercise, what will my body be like in 5 years time?”  “If I do get up and exercise, what will my body be like in 5 years time?”  Personally, I love the vibrant feeling of having energy. I love to move my body. I love knowing that I can run up a mountain if I choose it. So, by asking these questions, it motivates and inspires me to choose to contribute to my future self each and every day so that I don’t wake up one day wondering why I don’t have the stamina or strength to enjoy and experience this beautiful planet we live upon.

What tricks do you have in your repertoire that help you bounce out of bed on cold winter mornings?


Post by Sam Sargent, founder of Be genki 

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