Thank you Sporteluxe

1405Sporteluxe-begenkiToday’s email from Sporteluxe featured an article on how give your skin a burst of hydration when you’re on the go. Jumping for joy to see that the beautiful girls at Sporteluxe love our Be Genki Vital Face Mist. A click through to the article and you’ll read:

You shouldn’t judge a beauty product by it’s bottle, but we must admit to being a little in love with the gorgeous packaging of this [Be genki] face mist! Luckily, the gentle-yet-hydrating ingredients inside live up to the beautiful label. Uplifting organic essential oils of peppermint, lemon myrtle, rosemary and eucalyptus make this the perfect mid-flight spritz.

Link to

Thank you Sporteluxe xox


Post by Sam Sargent, founder of Be genki 

2 responses to “Thank you Sporteluxe

  1. Hi Sam

    Hope all is going well for you, long time no see.

    Not sure what has happened this weekend but I have received 12 word press emails from you.

    Much love


    • Hey A,
      Oh, I am so sorry … yes, we’ve been doing a little update to the Be genki blog, and it sent out all the latest blog posts. Ahhhhhh…
      It has however stopped, and is now back to normal, with just the one every fortnight or week at most.
      Big hugs and love to you and hope all is well
      x Sam

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