Be genki is back!

As we approach our 8th birthday, I am literally bursting out of my skin at the excitement of the relaunch of Be genki this coming June 2014. It’s been 2+ years in the making, with countless hours contemplating colour schemes, sourcing premium organic ingredients and improving what has become one of Australia’s much-loved natural self-care ranges.

Over the past 8 years, I have been extremely fortunate to travel the world and learn from the most incredibly inspiring experts in various fields. Women and men who have knowledge based on a lifetime of practical experience. My desire is to infuse this wisdom in to all that we do, so that you too have the inspiration to improve your holistic happiness.

At Be genki we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe that you can maintain holistic health and happiness by making conscious self-care choices; and we are here to help make that possible.

Our skin is a highly complex functioning organ that reflects our total health and wellbeing.
* Maintaining the health of our skin helps to promote the health of our body and mind.
* Maintaining the health of our body and mind helps to promote healthy glowing skin.
This holistic point-of-view can be the way to a genki life – happy and healthy on the inside & out.

So, as a sincerely treasured Be genki fan I invite you to a special preview of the new Be genki range online at Whilst we are busy working day and night to build the new Be genki website and blog, you are invited to try our beautiful new range before the launch.

With love and genki hugs,
x Sam Sargent
founder of Be genki

> shop Be genki now

What you’ll love about the new Be genki:

o All Be genki products are natural, organic, GM-free, vegan and cruelty-free. No marketing fluff. Just products you can trust. With results you’ll love.

o We source all our ingredients mindfully from reputable and ethical suppliers who are independently certified organic by the ACO (Australian Certified Organic) and OFC (Organic Food Chain).

o We choose violet glass to house Be genki products to ensure the potency and life force of the ingredients is protected for you to experience fresh once opened. We make a conscious decision NOT to use unnecessary plastic coatings on our labels, nor do we package our bottles in superfluous boxes. We strongly believe that there is too much plastic and over-packaging in the world, so we do our best to make different choices that are considerate to the environment and beautiful planet we live upon.

o Be Genki is accredited by Choose Cruelty Free Limited.

o Be Genki is a Safe Cosmetics ‘Champion’, which means that we met ALL of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics’ compliance requirements. In other words, we’re making some of the safest cosmetics out there!

o Be Genki is Australian made and owned.

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