Inspired by Flowers

Have you ever stopped for a moment to get completely swept away by the beauty and vibrance of colour that flowers gift to the world? Quite something really!

It’s a little thing that I’ve been particularly captivated by lately, to just stop, pause and gaze for a few moments. Perhaps it’s because I just happen to be in the oh so lovely English countryside at present, with all the flowers blooming, or maybe it’s the little family of bees that greet me each morning and afternoon when I get home as they buzz around the flower bed at the front door, or perhaps it’s just nature’s way of gifting something truly beautiful to the day, or maybe it’s my deep dive in to Aura-Soma which has helped to open my eyes to the world of colour? All of the above I’d say, and more.

So instead of walking along our paths so distracted by the thoughts that are consuming our minds, how about giving this whole concept of being in the present moment with awareness a try on for size? You never know, you just might stumble across something truly magnificent.

Whether you are aware of it or not, we are all familiar with the language of colour. A language that crosses all language and cultural barriers. For example, when we see the colour green, do we consider the Earth and environment or do we think of “green with envy”? And what is it that draws us to particular colours? All very interesting and a voyage of self-discovery if we choose it.

So on that note, here are some of my recent “happy snaps” of the flowers that have caught my attention recently. I hope they bring a little extra joy to your day, just as they have done to mine.

One response to “Inspired by Flowers

  1. phil mccullough

    So true. nothing beats looking at and smelling flowers

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