The Importance of Balance

Sometimes when we get dis-ease in the body, it has nothing to do with “catching a virus” or “catching a bug” or pulling a muscle, but more so to do with some other underlying emotional issue or unresolved issue from the past; and sometimes we create the dis-ease, pain or discomfort ourselves on the subconscious level, and other times something different altogether, beyond our rational thinking mind.

After much questioning and curiosity from my part, a dear friend of mine loaned me a book to read up on the interconnection between our internal organs, emotions, consciousness, emotions we inherit, and the holistic nature of things that pertain to the body, mind and spirituality. Quite the book! One of those ones that you need to read 10 times over before it really sinks in … and I’m only yet through two pages.

One concept that really stood out that I thought was a must-share is the importance of balance.

If we focus this lifetime too much on the physical, emotional and intellectual side of our self, without a balance of spirituality, should the desire arise to awaken and become more consciousness, it would be futile. One needs balance.

On the other side, if we focus this lifetime too much on spirituality without exploring the physical, emotional and intellectual, it will lead to disturbances and perhaps disorders within these realms of our self. One needs balance.

It is very simple … the concept of balance. But how many of us practice it? Truly practice it. And how do we keep in balance? Following is how best I see it, based on what I have learnt so far.

Look after our physicality with wholesome organic foods bursting with nutrients that the body requires to function optimally and stay away from toxins.

Support our emotional state so that the scales are even. Perhaps not to feed “stories” and get overwhelmed and swept away with drama or trauma, and “rights” or “wrongs”.

Feed the intellect daily with inspiration and information.

Explore your spirituality. No matter what you believe or how you believe it to be. Jump down that rabbit hole and open your eyes, your heart and your imagination.

How do you see it?

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