Be Genki Loves Treehenge

One of the initiatives that I love to do with Be Genki is to support environmental sustainability campaigns that work towards a better, brighter and cleaner future for the world we live in. So, we make a promise to donate 5% of profits each year to ensure that every Be Genki purchase also gives back to the planet.

Recently I came across a FABULOUS initiative that caught my attention and that we will be donating to from 2012 onwards, called … [ drum roll ] … Treehenge.

Treehenge plans to repair habitats across Australia. Their first plantation is at Gladfield in the Condamine River Basin, a region that is one of Queensland’s major food bowls and that sits at the headwaters of Australia’s largest river system. Anything that is done here has a flow on effect to the southern states of Australia. As support for Treehenge grows, this restoration and rejuvenation of damaged land will continue at different sites right around Australia, the henge itself becoming the spiritual home and symbol of nationwide change.

Treehenge, is a large tree design which, when fully grown, will be seen from space and on Google Earth (see image at top of page). Quite literally, Treehenge is about putting the celebration and support of life on the map. Organisers say the regeneration project is to be remembered for generations as a “powerful symbol of powerful action”.

Treehenge represents a new beginning. It’s the first planting of an ongoing program to rehabilitate and restore life to damaged areas right around Australia. It’s also the beginning of a shift in attitude to the way we care for the land that sustains us. It celebrates life, but most of all, it supports it. We’re taking a tired, degraded region, and breathing life into it again, one tree at a time, attracting native plants and animals back to the area. Put simply, we’re tending the garden that we all depend on.

If you too, would like to become a living part of the henge, how about dedicating a native tree in honour of a special person, pet or momentous occasion, such as a birthday, wedding or in memory of a loved one who has passed on.

By being part of Treehenge you’ll leave a lasting memory that will help a region grow, a gift of life that gives back more and more each year. Beautiful, don’t you think!

contribute to the henge

2 responses to “Be Genki Loves Treehenge

  1. This is super cool!!
    Talking about cool things- I would love to interview you for my wow work in the world Wednesday series I do on my blog. Would you be keen to do a Skype interview. It’s all about people who are making an impact on the world in some way and you are 😉

    • Hi Yvonne, Thank you 🙂
      I would love to do the Skype interview. Thank you for thinking of me. A little bit tricky this week, as I am winging my way back to Australia as we speak. What about some time next week or the week after? Please email me on much love xSam

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