Meet My New Friend

So it seems I have a new friend. Not sure what he’s called yet (I’m open to any suggestions) … but nevertheless he’s been adding a little extra happiness to my days.

It all started about a month or two ago on Shire Farm – the Aura-Soma biodynamic farm – in Lincolnshire, when little lambs were popping out left, right and centre. It was so so cute to see tens of little ones jumping about the place. But one of them I took a particular love for … as he had one extra long “white sock” on his back leg.

So whenever the chance is available, we head up to Shire Farm to go for a walk and to say hello to the little lambs. If you’ve been to Shire Farm, you’ll know that it is just one of those magical places where beauty in nature shines: biodynamic crops growing to their heart’s content, lady beetles doing their thing, cows and sheep living in happiness and peace to help energize and fertilize the land, and a whole biodiversity of insects and bugs and other animals living in harmony together to help balance every little aspect of this farmland.

Anyway, back to my little friend … as we’re walking through the fields, I do my usual crazy talking to the animals thing and start calling out to the little lambs, and all of a sudden the little one with his extra long “white sock” comes bounding up to me. Again and again each time we head up to the farm for a walk, my little friend comes bounding up to say hello, every time without fail. Yes, yes, you may be thinking that perhaps he does it to everyone, but where’s the harm in drifting off to fantasy land?! Life is what you choose it to be. Is the glass half empty or half full?

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