Love to All the Mums

With Mother’s Day approaching what better time to reflect back on our mum’s and to send a little extra love and gratitude for all that they be.

When was the last time you gave your mum a big hug? a bunch of flowers? an afternoon together to talk and talk and talk until she’s talked out? a holiday for just the two of you?

A few weeks ago my mum and I went on a trip together. Just the two of us; and as I was booking everything it dawned on me that this was the first time that we had travelled together – just the two of us. Sure there’s been loads of times when I’ve travelled with both my parents or either one of them and my brother, or boyfriend. But never just the two of us. If it’s something you haven’t done before, then stop everything right away and find a weekend or few days which you can set aside for the two of you. Promise it will be worth it. Promise it will be the first of many. And more so, promise they will be treasured memories forever more.

They say “you can’t choose your family”. I disagree. When we choose embodiment, we make the choice for whatever reason / test / lesson we need to work through. Our parents are exactly who we choose them to be. Perhaps by fully appreciating this little piece of information we might look at things with a different point of view. Perhaps this might help us to let go of any judgments we may have so as to be a little more at peace. Or perhaps you think all that I am saying is complete nonsense. Whatever the case may be, all of us still have mums. And if you’re fortunate to have a mum who nurtured, loved and cared for you then how about sending a big loving hug and gratitude for all that they be.  If your mum has passed then a little moment of reflection to fill your body and being with the love from above that is always available from her. And if you’re not so fond of your mum, then is it perhaps a time to let go of the hurt from the past and invite a different possibility in to your relationship with her? Would you be willing to change your point of view?

To all the mums out there … a big warm happy Mother’s Day for this coming Sunday.

For a little inspiration … pick up a copy of Women’s Health and Fitness magazine for some advice from six mums. Below is a sneak peak of the first page, featuring me 🙂 …

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