Inspired by Eggs

Easter …

is it a time for cracking the shell for new beginnings?

new thoughts?

opening the mind to different possibilities?

transformation of self?


is it a time to be reminded to gift our loved ones flowers? to gift ourself flowers? or to be a little more mindful as we go about our daily walk so as to stop and admire the beautiful flowers that surround us?

is it a time to be reminded that we are all oneness? that we are all interdependent and connected with one another? to be reminded of the magical interplay between nature and how every being has its place in this beautiful harmonious world?

is it a time to look through the superficial layers of ourself and uncover what lies in the depths? to uncover what our heart truly desires? to reveal the beautiful rainbow being that we truly be?

is it a time to be reminded that our life is exactly the way it is because we choose it to be? that perhaps we already are in "heaven" if we would only choose it? that the beauty of nature that surrounds is already an idyllic paradise if we would only pause for a moment to open our eyes?

is it a time to be reminded to make conscious choices? is it an egg? or is it an unborn chicken? is it a rack of lamb? or is it a cute little fluffy conscious being that was once frolicking around the earth? everything is choice and there is no right or wrong choice ... however ... it is nice to know what we are actually choosing.

is it a time to be reminded that although it is oh so lovely to dream, it is also nice to have our feet on the ground? so we can experience those dreams in the here and now and do whatever it is that we came down here to do?

… whatever Easter means to you xox much love from me to you xox

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