Embrace Earth Month by Making a Conscious Effort to Reduce Your Footprint on the Earth and Support Eco-Aware Companies

What if you spent the month of April making a conscious effort to reduce your footprint on the planet?

We all have to make decisions each and every day about how we choose to live our life and the products we choose to purchase. There are many alternatives that we can start to integrate in to our lives to help make the planet a cleaner, healthier and more enjoyable place to live.

Before purchasing any product consciously read the packaging to see if it is a brand that you desire to support. Is the packaging recyclable? What is the product made of? Are there any potentially harmful ingredients within the product? Is it a local and ethical brand? It’s second nature for me to do this, but that is because it’s what I do for a living. I really encourage you to practice these basic steps so as to become more aware of how powerful your choices are, and what your dollar is actually supporting and/or encouraging. At Be Genki we love to support brands that are leading the way with eco practices, hence our choice to start importing products that compliment the Be Genki way-of-life.
AEOS – Active Energised Organic Skincare go beyond organic, by growing their own biodynamic plants on energized land for use in the products.
Pegasus Perfumes by Aura-Soma is a range of 100% natural and organic fragrances that have the potential to enlighten the wearer’s mood.
Advaita Pranamats are the only all-natural eco acupressure mat currently available, due to superior design, quality, & all-natural materials, such as a coconut fibre insert.

We all know that plastic bags are a big problem, so what would it take for each and every one of us to start opting for reusable bags instead?

Sounds like a really simple one … please use the recycle bins that your council provides.

Please make a conscious effort to switch from excess to happiness. How many of your beauty and personal care products have been sitting in the bathroom cupboards for 12+ months? Do you think that they might be not-so-fresh and potent? Maybe it might be a better idea to think before you choose the “super-sized” version of your beauty favourites and become the more environmentally friendly you that the planet needs you to be. Be Genki, AEOS and Pegasus products are packaged in sizes in just the right amount for you to use, long before the product loses its potency once opened.

You’ll not only save a LOT of money but the environment will LOVE you for it too. Just stop to think for a minute about how many people consume one or more plastic bottles of water each day, and the impact that we could make by switching to a re-usable drinking bottle.

Even if you live in an apartment, a few pots on the windowsill or living room floor can house a number of different types of herbs, at the very least. A joy to have the fresh aroma of nature in the home, as well as being oh so handy for using in home cooked meals.

Just think what kind of an impact we could have if we all implemented these practices in to our life. You are energy, you are light, you are creativity. You can create whatever life you wish to create. The choice is yours. From this day forward, will you choose to be a part of the solution to environmental sustainability or will you choose to remain a part of the problem?

much love and happiness for an extra green month

This is the Be Genki April Ritual. To subscribe so that you receive similar rituals delivered to your inbox at the beginning of every month please click here: http://www.begenki.com/connected.html

2 responses to “Embrace Earth Month by Making a Conscious Effort to Reduce Your Footprint on the Earth and Support Eco-Aware Companies

  1. What is a Genki? Thanks in advance!

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