Have You Loved Enough

Lately I’ve been particularly inspired by an interview in The Times magazine with one of my favourite novelists, Paulo Coelho, best known for The Alchemist. When asked “What is the purpose of love?” Paulo replied,

I am convinced that when you arrive seeking entry to the gates of heaven, the Lamb of God will not judge you on your good deeds or the things you achieved. The Lamb will ask one question: did you love enough? Cheesy, but true.

What a lovely thought!

It certainly has left me pondering over every little part of my day-to-day life for weeks now. Every time I catch myself not thinking, feeling, acting or being in a loving manner I stop and turn whatever it is into love. Sure there is a lot of room for improvement, but what a lovely notion to apply to all and every aspect of life.

So, the question that I now begin my day with each morning, as I open my eyes and take a few moments of meditation before starting my daily adventure is …

What energy, space and consciousness can I be to facilitate more love in to my every thought, feeling, action and state of being?

I invite you to join me. Who knows what we can create over then next days, weeks or months with this invitation of love?

One final gem from the interview I read with Paulo Coelho. When asked “What would your legacy be?” Paulo replied

The idea that we all have the power to be whomever we want – but please, just take the first step, which is courage.


One response to “Have You Loved Enough

  1. what a wonderful idea! Definitely gives one something to think about.

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