Louie Schwartzberg’s TED talk on Gratitude

Another amazingly beautiful TED talk by Louie Schwartzberg.

Some of my favorite bits:

When people see my images a lot of times they say “oh my god”. Have you ever wondered what that meant? The “oh” means it caught your attention. It makes you present. It makes you mindful. The “my” means it connects to something deep within your soul. It creates a gateway for your inner voice to rise up and be heard. And “God”, God is a personal journey we all want to be on. To be inspired. To feel like we are connected to a universe that celebrates life.

Did you know that 80% of the information we receive comes through our eyes, and if you compare light energy to musical scales, it would only be one octave that that the naked eye can see that is right in the middle. And aren’t we grateful for our brains that can take this electrical impulse that comes from light energy to create images in order for us to explore our world. And aren’t we grateful that we have hearts that can feel these vibrations in order for us to allow ourselves to feel the pleasure and the beauty of nature.

Nature’s beauty is a gift that cultivates appreciation and gratitude.

Do you think that this is just another day in your life? It’s not just another day. It’s the one day that is given to you today. It’s given to you. It’s a gift. It’s the only gift that you have right now, and the only appropriate response is gratefulness. If you do nothing else but to cultivate that response through the great gift that this unique day is. If you learn to respond as if it were the first day in your life and the very last day, then you will have spent this day very well. Begin by opening your eyes and be surprised that you have eyes you can open. That incredible array of colors that is constantly offered to us for pure enjoyment. Look at the sky. We so a rarely look at the sky. We so rarely note how different it is from moment to moment.

I wish you that you will open your heart to all these blessings and let them flow through you, that everyone who you will meet on this day will be blessed by you, just by your eyes, by your smile, by your touch, just by your presence. Let the gratefulness overflow in to blessing all around you. Then it will really be a good day.

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