Green School

I first heard about Green School via a TED talk a number of years ago, so when the invitation presented itself to visit whilst in Bali with some dear friends we jumped at the opportunity.

Love the concept! Loved seeing all the little kiddies running around outside, playing in nature, as opposed to cooped up indoors underneath fluorescent lighting playing with plastic toys or in front of a computer screen. Love the vegetable gardens interspersed between the classrooms. Loved the farmyard animals. Love that the entire school is built from bamboo. Love the protection and breeding program in place to help increase the population of a number of native endangered birds. Love the no-walls classrooms promising a constant flow of fresh air. Love the curriculum mix of conventional subjects along with eco, green lessons about sustainability and caring for our earth. But most of all love the messages that were written on the classroom whiteboards made from recycled materials:

I am a whole person, a complete self, a total humanity.
I can achieve my full potential by being wholly committed to this life I have,
by being wholesome in thought, word and deed,
and by standing upright in my human strength,
I will get the best from the life I lead.

There is only one of me.
That’s something I have often heard
But thoughts and feelings, actions too
Are in me, each one third.

The one little thing we all agreed on, that we were somewhat disappointed in, was the small number of local Balinese students in comparison to international students. Am I being too finicky?

Green School’s aim is to develop responsible and green habits in young people which will be with them for life. Preparing students to be critical and creative thinkers who are confident to champion the sustainability of the world and its environment. It is inspiring their thirst to know more, equipping them with appropriate and relevant knowledge, and nurturing their passion to influence change in the way we are managing this planet.

Green School values are Integrity, Responsibility, Empathy, Sustainability, Peace, Equality, Community and Trust.

3 responses to “Green School

  1. As someone who spent many years living in indonesia as a teacher, the fees are simply out of reach for your average Balinese or Indonesian family – which is often the downside of international schooling programs, of any kind, set up in developing countries. A great concept, but sad that it’s out of reach to most local children.

  2. Hello, I am fortunate to be related to one of the teachers at Green School. A bit more than 1 1/2 years ago, I was blessed to visit Bali, and the Green School Campus. Overwhelming, stunning, lifechanging and powerful. These feelings are still as strong, even though I am not there today. The students are composed of approximately 20% Balinese local students who attend on scholarship from Green School. As you pictured, the bamboo poles that comprise the structure can be carved with whatever you choose. I was pleased to know that the donation was very affordable. It was my pleasure to donate $100 to have a pole of “my own”. My cousin, who’s son teaches middle level students, have our poles carved right next to each other….very meaningful as we have known each other since childhood. This small price, to carve each donor pole, not ony leaves a lasting memory, but helps a Balinese child go to Green School. All of the children that attend Green School will make a difference in our world, look at the planet differently, with respect. Thank you for your article. It fills me with peaceful, joyous memories….Kathleen.

  3. thank you Sally and Kathleen for your thoughtful contribution. Indeed such a beautiful concept. much love xxx

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