Green Inspiration from Switzerland

The first thoughts that come to mind when I hear the word Switzerland are ‘eco’ and ‘green’ – not only for the beautiful lush green valleys and mountains sprinkled with pretty flowers, but also for the admirable respect the people of Switzerland have for nature, the environment and sustainability. And how apparent that it is indeed green that we associate with this region.

“In the Aura-Soma understanding of human subtle anatomy, within green is the emerald of the heart. Our heart is an intimate link with the earth. If we rearrange the letters of the word heart, we can spell the word earth. This is elegantly pertinent. Green issues have to do with the earth: the way we care for it; the issues of pollution; concerns of what we take from, rather than give to, the earth. It is not a coincidence that “green” or environmental issues have become so political currently, as humanity moves closer to the collective opening of the heart.”

“The positive aspect of green is panoramic awareness, the ability to perceive clearly from the point of view of another, to understand another’s position as if it were our own.”

excerpt from The Aura-Soma Source Book – Colour Therapy for the Soul by Mike Booth.

Having just spent a week in the Swiss Alps to sit an Aura-Soma course on the 72 Angels, I am very much inspired by the all consuming ‘green’ energy inviting it to flow in to all crevices of my being, so that I can be a walking energy of panoramic awareness. To be nurturing loving harmonious energy to help generate a greater intimacy and synchronicity with the whole of existence.

What little changes can you, me and we make to our daily habits that help generate a little more love and nurture for you, me and we, and above all else, for the beautiful planet we all share?

What if all it takes is little steps of consciousness to contribute by giving back to the earth rather than always be taking from the earth simply by generating a greater appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity the earth gives us by being here?

Following are a number of daily inspirations from my recent trip:
~ a morning meditation
~ a stroll through the nature taking the time to be fully present so as to take notice of the beauty of nature – the bees, flowers, rock formations, mist on the grass
~ an early morning or late afternoon sun gaze as the sun is rising and setting
~ cranking up the music and dancing with complete abandon to start the day full of energy and vitality
~ making the choice to consume fresh, organic and biodynamic whole foods

Postcards from Switzerland

2 responses to “Green Inspiration from Switzerland

  1. Katelyn Milevski

    Hi Sam

    Love the photos of Switzerland – what an amazing time you must have had. It is indeed a stunning and beautiful country. What part of the Swiss Alps did you stay in may I ask? I was in Grindelwald about 6 months ago.


    • Thank you Katelyn. I was very close to Grindelwald on the other side of the mountain at Schweibenalp. But funny you should mention Grindelwald, as I was there a few years ago. Such a beautiful town isn’t it!!! x Sam

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