Inspiration from Paris

Having just returned from a weekend in Paris, I am inspired to write. Yes, I know, I’m hardly the first person to be inspired by a visit to la ville de l’amour. But I won’t be sharing my musings on days spent aimlessly strolling through the streets, gazing at masterpieces in the Louvre, visits to all my favorite haunts, romantic walks by moonlight along the river, champagne in Saint Germain, or feasts of French delicacies as I’m sure you’ve heard it all before.

What I would like to share is a little slice of Paris that we can all create no matter where we are in the world.

Without a doubt my most favorite thing to do in Paris is to simply lay on the grass in one of the public gardens with a mini feast from a nearby boulangerie and take in the beauty of my surrounds. Gazing up at the sky, across to the flowers and savoring every bite of my meal. Such a heavenly luxury that us time-poor inner city dwellers seldom experience.

Taking the time to just sit and be whilst eating, and admire all the surrounding beauty of nature is very easy to do when on holidays or mini weekend escapes but when it comes to day-to-day life how many of us actually take the time to truly enjoy our meals and surroundings?

As I sat in the gardens of Paris last weekend in I began to think … but hang on a second … I am in the middle of one of THE busiest cities in the world. If I can do it here, I must certainly be able to recreate this experience anywhere … to find a quiet space to eat my lunch, in a park, on the beach, or even in my back garden.

I used to be one of the biggest offenders for devouring my food in 10 seconds flat. Not something to be proud of. I blame growing up with two older brothers. If I didn’t eat quick, then they’d finish it all before I had a chance to help myself to more. It’s only been recently that I have begun letting go of this childhood habit. Breakfasts in my Bondi Beach flat encouraged this. I jump up on the windowsill and stare out at the ocean as I take small mouthfuls of porridge. But lunchtimes at the office I can’t confess to have conquered.

So to aid in the process of moving forward to become one who chews their food adequately and appreciates the beauty of nature ALL OF THE TIME I am taking inspiration from Paris, and finding a lovely quiet spot outside of the office surrounded by greenery. I encourage you to join me.

Eating under stress is not a good thing. Not chewing your food adequately is not a good thing. Both disrupt digestion – most certainly not a good thing. Healthy digestion promotes a happy, healthy, beautiful body and mind.

2 responses to “Inspiration from Paris

  1. I agree, this is an eating habit I have learned to tame myself and finding 30min’s to one hour a day to eat, digest and reflect away from my work place (no matter how busy the day) allows me to focus and re group for the balance of the day. Great advice..

  2. Excellent blog post. Youve got a design here thats not too flashy, but makes a statement as big as what youre saying. Thanks for sharing. I will bookmark this website.

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