I Would Rather Stumble A Thousand Times

I am forever grateful and deeply inspired by people who live their lives boldly; those who aren’t afraid to take that leap of faith in to the unknown; to follow their heart and take risks so that their dreams can perhaps one day become a reality; to create new dreams; to step up and challenge the “norms” and what society conditions us to believe as “real” or “truth”; those who seek consciousness, to “wake up” from the disillusions of what it means to live, to be successful and to be happy.

Why does it seem more common for humans to point out the negatives and potential hypothetical hazards that may come in the way when one embarks on that leap of faith, or following their heart, or chasing a dream?

What would it take to change this so that we supported one another’s hopes, dreams and quests for awakening?  Irrespective of the number of stumbles, errors and blunders. What if everything you have been told was “wrong”, a “mistake” or a “silly idea” was actually the opposite?

All I know is that whenever I am being questioned and challenged with a hint of doubt for the choices I am about to make … these are the times when I know that whatever it is that I am doing is going to be absolutely wonderful in more ways than I could ever imagine, rewarding me with opportunity for self-growth.

A few years ago I received the most valuable advice from a lovely woman in her late 60’s who I was confiding in about a potential life change I was about to make. She said to me “when you get to my age sweetie, it’s not the things you did, that you’ll ever regret; it’s the things you didn’t do, that you’ll regret not having taken that leap of faith.” A number of years on, and a number of stumbles on, I wholeheartedly agree.

I would rather stumble a thousand times
Attempting to reach a goal
Than to sit in a crowd
In my weather-proof shroud
A shriveled and self-satisfied soul.
…I would rather be doing and daring
All of my error-filled days
Than watching, and waiting, and dying
Smug in my perfect ways.
I would rather wonder and blunder
Stumbling blindly ahead
Than for safety’s sake
Lest I make a mistake
Be sure, be safe, be dead.

– Unknown

2 responses to “I Would Rather Stumble A Thousand Times

  1. wow, this is so true and the picture you have just makes so much sense…jumping into the unknown waters looks fun but I don’t think I would have the guts to try it. I totally agree with you, regret is painful…its better to do and fail/learn than not to try at all.

  2. I totally agree with this post Sam. I have based my wellbeing workshops based around the principle that if we were more there for one another in supportive, respectful ways then imagine what we could achieve. I would love to see a world where everyone treats one another with the ultimate care that they foster on those they love (family, close friends)….ahhhh

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