Balance Your Body, Mind and Emotions with Zen Ki Yoga and Enjoy a Stronger Core, Perky Butt and Overall Sense of Wellbeing

As much as I love to exercise, I often get a little bored doing the same thing every day or week. Even jogs on the beach lose their appeal after a few months. There is however, one exercise that I swear by, and that I have kept up with every week for the past  five years – Zen Ki Yoga.

However, to call it yoga is not quite painting the “right” picture. It’s more than ‘just yoga’ and so very different to anything that I have ever done before. Zen Ki Yoga is a Japanese form of yoga based on shiatsu therapy and oriental medicine. By focusing on aligning and supporting your body with the changes of the season, Zen Ki Yoga strengthens your body internallycorrects imbalances and weaknesses, and addresses specific areas for weight loss and strength.

I can honestly put my hand on my heart and testify that this is all true. When practice is maintained regularly, the benefits are amazing. Sometimes, due to work and social life I don’t get around to doing as many classes as i’d like to, but as soon as I get back in to it, my whole body feels stronger, but not on the superficial level. More so, internally, especially the core, which is GREAT for lower back issues. My butt is most definitely more perky after regular practice, and my arms look and feel more toned. I’ve gone through phases of practicing other types of yoga such as Bikram, playing tennis, swimming laps of Bondi Beach, and various other forms of exercise, but Zen Ki Yoga is without a doubt my favorite must-do exercise that helps keep my body looking and feeling strong and healthy.

Zen Ki Yoga is based on the meridian system. Meridians are invisible lines of energy you can actually feel in your arms, legs, torso and head. Each meridian relates to a different organ, season, taste, emotion and psychological state. The 12 major meridians are energy pathways in which ki (energy/life-force/prana/chi) moves through out the body. When ki is not flowing correctly, disease or illness is the result. It is believed that illness, whether of the body, mind or emotions, can be corrected by addressing the ki in the body and ensuring that it flows in harmony so that the body, mind and emotions are balanced.

The good news is that all Zen Ki Yoga poses are possible for all people to perform. The other good news is that Zen Ki Yoga with Janie Larmour DVDs are now available via the Be Genki online Shop so that you too can practice in the comfort and convenience of your own home, or hotel room whilst traveling.

Janie has been looking after people’s health for the past 18 years with personal training and yoga in both Sydney and New York City. She is the director and principal teacher at The Centre of Yoga. Janie’s clients range from the ages of 7–90 years of age and visit from London, Los Angeles, New York and Thailand. Janie has trained many high profile celebrities both in Australia and New York City (including Baz Luhrmann, Catherine Martin, Collette Dinnigan, Charlie Brown and Natalie Imbruglia). She is regularly written about in Vogue, Cleo and Body+Soul, was a contributing writer to Susie Elelman’s new book “Half My Size – The Thinking Person’s Diet” (New Holland) and has been featured in other books including “The Red Carpet Guide to Sydney” by Renae Leith-Manos and Kristy Meudell.

“Zen Ki Yoga makes changes to your health and your body, even changes that you thought were never possible!! I have been in the health/fitness industry for over 17 years now and have never found anything else that gives anyone faster changes.” Janie Larmour

Quite simply, Janie is fab! I’ve been going to her classes for 5 + years, and when I moved to the United States for 18 months her DVDs came with me so that I could maintain my Zen Ki Yoga practice whilst away. The DVDs were my savior! Although I’m now back in Australia, I still use the DVDs whilst traveling. The perfect workout for hotel rooms, as the only “equipment” required is a towel to lay on.

Best wishes for balanced body, mind and emotions.


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