“There Is No Way to Happiness. Happiness Is The Way.” Gautama Buddha

What is it about Bali that we love so much? Yes the climate is magnificent. Yes the beaches are stunning. Yes the scenery is sublime with a beautiful balance of softness and dramatic harshness. Yes the laid-back lifestyle is alluring. Bali is simply satisfying to the senses.

However, despite all these obvious charms, I believe the real beauty of Bali and that which draws us to the island again and again is the unmistakable spirituality emanating from the land and people.

I absolutely love the Balinese smile. It’s infectious, genuine and pure. It’s love. Watching the people go about their daily life is joy. Watching the children play is adorable.

If there was a word to sum this all up, it would be magenta – which has the characteristics of tremendous respect for the sacredness of all life by bringing the quality and care for the little things in life. Putting the love in to everything you do, because as beings we need to practice. How can we expect the love to be available in the big things, such as relationships, if we don’t actually practice this with the little things? Putting the love in to the little things needs to become a state of being, so we do it automatically without thinking, and this only happens with constant practice. When we become familiar with putting the magenta in to the be-ing then it becomes available for us to put it in to the big things.

It’s certainly one to ponder on, and be inspired by.

This world of colour is one that I am just beginning to learn (or should I say, remember), thanks to Aura-Soma helping to open my eyes more and more as each day passes. What a joy! What a gift! What a beautiful reminder… to bring more of the magenta in to my daily life. May this inspire more of these qualities in you too.

One response to ““There Is No Way to Happiness. Happiness Is The Way.” Gautama Buddha

  1. so very true

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