Beautify Your Sleep with Silk

Are you someone that wakes up with a bird’s nest of tangled hair and the occasional crease mark on your face? Do you routinely apply a luxurious face serum, cream or oil to your skin in the evenings? Do you sleep on a pillowcase made from cotton? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, best to keep reading. 

I have dug up the most wonderful snippets of information that not only make sense, but will help bring about a more beautifying sleep.

~ Cotton not only draws moisture from your hair but your skin as well, drying it out and nullifying the benefits of nighttime serums (ie: your cotton pillow slip is getting the benefits of your nourishing nighttime lotions and potions, not you.)

~ Silk allows your hair to glide over the pillow, rather than grabbing and twisting it every time you move your head during the night. (ie: no more bird’s-nest bed-head)

~ Unlike cotton, the amino acids in silk proteins resemble those found in human skin, creating a virtually perfect pH balance that does not deplete moisture. (ie: silk pillowslips improve moisture retention and enhance the absorption of beauty products)

~ In the Orient, natural silk has always been known as “the second skin” and has been a beauty secret since the Ming Dynasty for skin hydration and anti-aging properties.

In a nutshell, silk pillowcases are designed to work naturally with skin and hair and make nighttime beauty routines more effective. Hmmm, now I’m starting to think … why stop at the pillowslips. Doesn’t your body deserve the same softness as well?! If anyone knows of a good quality silk sheets supplier, please let me know.

As with most things in life quality is one thing that’s best to make a priority, especially when it comes to health, beauty and wellbeing. My picks are SLIP for the Southern Hemisphere and BEAUTY ZZZ  for the Northern Hemisphere.

One response to “Beautify Your Sleep with Silk

  1. Our all-natural hypoallergenic 100 Silk Pillowcases are great for your skin and your hair. Cotton pillowcases can withdraw moisture drying your skin and your hair.

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