Integrate Something New in to Your Daily Life to Help Bring About a More Naturally Beautiful You

Whether you’re new to receiving Be Genki rituals, or have been reading and following them for years I’d love to express my deepest thank you for your support and for simply taking a moment in time to stop whatever it is that you’re doing to read the latest Be Genki ritual. This month I’d love to share something that is particularly close to my heart and that which I have been working on for the past 6 months.

After years of study, research and working in the health and beauty industry I have been inspired to share my knowledge and experience via be naturallyou, in the hope that it will help inspire a more naturally beautiful you

In a world with so much conflicting information, advertising everywhere we turn, and a large number of brands concerned more with profit return than the long-term health of their customers, it’s no surprise that we’re a little misled and confused about what beauty products to use, what foods to consume, and how best to improve our natural beauty.

I hope to clear a lot of the confusion by providing straight-forward, factual information, including:
~ a list of cosmetic ingredients to avoid and why
~ a directory of natural ingredients that help to promote beautiful skin
~ an ever-growing brand directory featuring beauty brands that are truly natural and organic
~ the foods to consume to help promote clean, clear beautiful skin
~ nutritious and delicious recipes to help promote a beautiful body inside and out
~ lifestyle rituals to help promote inner and outer beauty
~ reviews of heavenly healthy spa retreats
~ and my favorite page is the interviews with naturally beautiful and inspiring women from around the world

One area you may find particularly interesting is the Brand Directory page that has brands added each week. I have been so impressed over the years by a number of FAB beauty brands and wanted to create a central location to share my knowledge and discoveries with the rest of beauty conscious women who are seeking natural and organic skin care. I spend my life researching this stuff, but the average person does not have the time to do this, so I’ve essentially done a lot of the ground work for you to log on to the website and then choose a brand that suits you. There are a considerable number of ethical brands out there who are doing their part to contribute to the health and beauty of their customers and planet that we share. It’s up to us to choose them.

It has been an absolute joy to create this website and share the information that I gather whether that be inspiring interviews, or a healthy recipe that I create, or a dreamy spa review that the lovely Kris Abbey from Spa Life magazine contributes, or another beautiful beauty brand. It’s a tool that has also inspired me to take a closer look at my lifestyle to make small changes to help improve my own natural health and beauty.

So, this month, I encourage you to log on to be naturallyou and integrate something new in to your daily life to help bring about a more naturally beautiful you, whether it be lifestyle, nutrition or skin care related.

Oh… another little gem worth sharing… by subscribing to the be naturallyou monthly update you’re automatically entered to win our much loved monthly giveaways.

Best wishes for a more naturally beautiful you.

Vogue Australia feature be naturallyou in their May issue: “Samantha Sample, the brains behind in-demand organic range Be Genki, has just launched a new cult-worthy product, Be Naturallyou Body Oil, $38. Sample created the organic oil blend as a personal project for her closest friends when they fell pregnant, and realised she was on to something when none of them got stretch marks. “It’s special because it was created purely out of love, with ingredients selected for their supreme quality, as opposed to a business decision with ingredients selected for profitability,” she says. Sample has also created a web site,, as a go-to for all that’s natural and holistic.”

This is the Be Genki May Ritual. To subscribe so that you receive similar rituals delivered to your inbox at the beginning of every month please click here:

2 responses to “Integrate Something New in to Your Daily Life to Help Bring About a More Naturally Beautiful You

  1. I did read the piece in Vogue this month and was very excited that you have launched this new site and I will pop over now and check it out! Thanks

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