What’s Your Tree Story?

Click on image to play video

Love love love this innovative short film to inspire people to reconnect with nature.

Some of my favourite bits…

“trees by their very nature of existence embody certain qualities which I think are essential for us as human beings. Some of those qualities are peace, stability, endurance, wisdom, experience.”

“The crisis that trees are experiencing now is rampant. We find that in different parts of the world. We find it in different cultures and with different species. We’ve been very good at dismantling and destroying and fragmenting ecosystems and in fact that’s what we’re doing all over the planet right now. And as a result of that, the earth’s ability to sustain life, not just human life, but all the other millions of species is being seriously impaired and reduced every day every week every year. And now more and more I think we are starting to understand that we have to stand up for the rights of individual species as well including trees.”

What’s your tree story? For me there’s so many. I love wrapping my arms around trees for a big long hug. A lovely way to reconnect with nature. Not quite sure what it is about hugging trees that I love so much but it is truly a joy and the energy of interconnectedness is one that stays with me.

Couldn’t resist posting this picture of me in Sequoia National Park just before wrapping my arms around for a big loving hug. What an impressive tree huh?!

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