Generate Love for Mother Earth

As I sit in my hotel room in Tokyo I feel compelled to write something about the current situation in Japan. No… I’m not going to get all “political” on you. I would, however, like to share a very important message that is inspired by a dear friend who I am truly honored to be able to share time with and learn from, Mike Booth, the Chairman of Aura-Soma.

To describe the earthquake, tsunami and consequent nuclear leak as a devastating series of events is a massive understatement. I don’t think there are any words that can truly capture it, and my heart and love goes out to all that have been directly effected.

So, what can we do to help? Apart from all the wonderful charities and companies that are jumping on board to donate, there is something else that we can all do … to be a part of the solution and generate love for mother earth.

Acknowledging that yes it is devastating and tragic and that nature can sometimes be shocking is one thing, but focusing on the fear and tragedy and acts of nature is not going to help anyone. Fear generates more fear, and that type of energy is not what our beloved Japanese friends require right now.

Our mother earth needs to know now, more than ever, that we love her, that we respect her and that we will be all that we can be to generate more love and respect for her. Now is a wonderful opportunity for us all to look inwards and to fill our thoughts and feelings with love for all that we be, and to ask ourselves … what can I be and do to reconnect with my complete love and respect for mother earth?

The reality is that we all share this beautiful earth and an event that happens in one part of the world is not isolated to that part of the world. It affects us all. So wherever you may be, lets unite together and be a part of the solution so that every day brings with it more hope, more beauty and more love.

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