Take a Little Inspiration From Nature This Autumn

Each year I love to watch the leaves turn from greens to yellows to browns and slowly make their way to the ground as they are being shed from the branches above. It’s a lovely annual ritual that nature adheres to, and one that we could all take a little inspiration from.

Just as the trees shed their leaves each year, Autumn is a perfect time and opportunity for us to let go of anything that is holding us back from reaching our full potential and health goals.

As painful as it can be to allow something to completely leave our body or mind, it may just be the very thing that is needed so that a more vibrant, strong and healthy “leaf” may grow.

Is there anything that you have been holding on to for years, despite a little voice in the back of your mind hinting that it might be time to bid farewell?

An addiction; a bad habit; negative self-talk; a toxic relationship; excuses for turning that “someday” into today; clutter in the living room; a wardrobe full of clothes that are never worn; a few extra kilos on the butt or tummy; skincare and makeup products lining the bathroom shelves that are most likely well past their use-by date; or any other personal things that you have been holding on to, whether they be in physical or emotional form.

I have just shed my last leaf of caffeine addiction. I’ve been through the ummming, ahhhing and cold turkey-ing a number of times over the years but somehow that lovely little soy latte has always managed to sneak back in to my life. Guess there were still a few more “i want/need/desire coffee” leaves on my branches. Well, not anymore, a few weeks ago I finally realized that it was time to get rid of this addiction once and for all. It’s not so much the actual coffee that worried me, as I do make the effort to head to cafes that use organic fair trade coffee beans. It was more the amount of soy milk and sugar that I was consuming (imagine how i would feel with 365 less teaspoons of sugar in my body each year!!) as well as the fact that I was clearly addicted to something and that my mind in the morning was consumed with thoughts of “must get to cafe for a coffee”. The one ritual I did love, however, is popping by my local health food store on my way to work (to grab a soy latte) and on the numerous without-coffee periods of my past I missed that morning ritual. So, I now pop by and pick up a freshly squeezed veggie juice. Must say, although I went through 4 days of migraine hell with the caffeine and sugar withdrawals, I am most definitely a more vibrant, energetic and healthy version of me.

So, the lesson in this example is this… if there is a bad habit that you have and would like to change, cutting it out of your life may be detrimental to the long term success of your goal. Think of a healthier replacement to switch it for so that you are still satisfying one “insignificant” element of the habit/addiction but removing the “toxic” part. This autumn, forge yourself a new path.

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2 responses to “Take a Little Inspiration From Nature This Autumn

  1. Amazing as always Sam. This was such a beautiful article to read on a morning where the weather seems just that little bit chillier over here for the first time.

    I have a few bad habits I’m planning on kicking, the main one being my bed time! I plan to be off the computer at 10pm each night, and then either go to bed, or spend the next hour doing all the little things I neglect – such as keeping things tidy in my bedroom, organising paperwork, preparing a meal for the next workday. I’ve started doing this already and feel so much more clear headed!

    Thanks for the added inspiration 🙂 x

    • thank you Annette x
      love the sound of your pre-bedtime ritual of preparing a meal for the next workday 🙂 and great to hear that you’re more clear headed.
      I use to work late in to the night as well. Makes it difficult to “switch off” the mind doesn’t it.

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